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Chinese speakers of English are often taught the language and grammar but NOT how to pronounce English!  They are often hesitant to speak and feel that they are missing out on job and other opportunities because of this. 

Because saying vowels accurately makes up over 60% of someone's ability to be understood, in this course Chinese speakers of fluent English will learn how to  pronounce vowels like American speakers of English do.

Dr. Ojakangas explains in short videos exactly how to produce the vowels.   Then, with practice materials  ( both pdfs and audio files), students are ready to get to work improving on their own!

To get the most from this course, participants should commit to practicing daily, as changing the brain's speech pattern circuitry requires repetition. This course is best completed before Part II: Intonation. A course certificate is available upon completion.

Owner/Director Catherine Ojakangas, Ph.D.

I am Dr. Catherine Ojakangas, a neuroscientist and speech pathologist with over 25 years of experience. I have worked with professionals from dozens of countries around the world improve their American English pronunciation and intonation. My background in Neuroscience allows me to integrate the latest brain research findings on learning into my specialized courses.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the 1st of 3 courses for Chinese speakers of American English - Part 1: Vowels

    2. How Part 1 - VOWELS is organized and Course Syllabus

    3. Before You Get Started: Pre-Course Survey

    4. Download the E-Book: The Most Efficient Ways to Learn American English Pronunciation

    5. E-Book_The Most Efficient Ways To Learn American English Pronunciation

    1. Introduction to American English Vowels

    2. The International Phonetic Alphabet (the I.P.A.)

    3. Chinese versus English Vowels

    4. Auditory Discrimination: What, Why, and How Is Yours (Quiz)?

    5. Record Your Score On the Auditory Discrimination Quiz


    2. How to Make the /a/ Vowel

    3. Vowel /a/ in words and sentences

    4. How to Make the /o/ Vowel

    5. Vowel /o/ in words and sentences

    6. How to Make the /i/ vowel

    7. Vowel /i/ in words and sentences

    8. How to make the /u/ vowel

    9. Vowel /u/ in words and sentences

    1. Group 1 words mixed

    2. GROUP 1 VOWELS - QUIZ (80% required to pass)

    1. Brief Introduction to Group 2 Vowels

    2. How to Make the Schwa Sound

    3. Group 2 American English Vowels and THE SCHWA

    4. Vowel /ʌ/ in words and sentences

    5. How to Make the /e/ Vowel

    6. Vowel /e/ in words and sentences

    7. How to make the /ɛ/ sound

    8. Vowel /ɛ/ in words and sentences

    9. How to make the /æ/ sound

    10. Vowel /æ / in words and sentencees

    11. How to make the /I/ sound

    12. Vowel / I/in words and sentences

    13. How to make the /ʊ/ sound

    14. Vowel /ʊ/ in words and sentences

    1. Group 2 (and Group 1) vowels in words and sentences

    2. Auditory Discrimination - Quiz Again - Have You Improved?

    3. Record Your Score: Auditory Discrimination Quiz #2

    4. GROUP 2 and GROUP 1 VOWELS - FINAL QUIZ (80% required to pass)

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